Thursday, December 21, 2006

PRP's Best of 2006- La Musica!


well 2005 was the year that I realized how much I liked Weezer, but 2006 was all about The Killers. Just like weezer they just kept coming out was some great songs and after "When You Were Young" had been on the radio for while and then "Bones" came out I knew that I was a fan. The killer formed in 2002 in their home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. With 4 members they released Hot Fuss in 2004. Their sophomore album Sam's Town was released this October.

The big surprise for me this year was JT. Talk about bringing sexy back. JT brought it! This song was stuck in my head all year long. It even made it to my ringtone. At one point me and my sisters all had this as our ringtone. Yea, it got confusing when we were all together and a phone rang! Then "My Love" dropped and that was just as good. Even his new single "what goes around comes around" is great. Now since my NKOTB era (1989-1991) I have always had a soft spot for the boy bands.

Joey was excited for the +44 album to come out. We are all aware of his man-crush on Travis Barker. The first single was very Blink-182-esque. After the sudden break-up of one of the best pop-punk band of my generation when Tom left the band. Mark and Travis stayed together and developed the band +44. Named after a European phone code, the album just came out and so far we have liked everything we have heard. Despite a fractured arm, Travis has been kicking ass on drums and Mark has always been one of my favorite voices to listen to, even if its about farts and prank phone call.

On The Phi music front there are 2 cd's that were on permanent rotation in her boom box. (Yes of course my Punk Rock Kid has her own boom box. duh?) The Curious George Soundtrack by Jack Johnson & Friends is still what she falls asleep to every night. With its upbeat kid-friendly and even good lessons lyrics it has been a family favorite. It is a great album and perfect for bedtime. It even has a track called Lullaby. We were not the only ones to like this album. It was the first movie soundtrack since Bad Boys to top the music charts. It was released in February and sold over 149,000 copies!

Thanks to Nino JZ and reinforced by our trip to Oahu we have fallen in love with the ukulele and surprisingly soft voice of Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole other wise known as IZ. Best known for his rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (think Rice Krispies commericals) this CD is filled with fun fast songs, some slow romantic songs, and even songs in Hawaiian. While on our honeymoon we heard IZ music everywhere. The moment this CD comes on, The Phi's little body starts moving. She has her very own little hula dance that she does when she hears that ukulele go.

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