Sunday, December 10, 2006

Something to help keep you warm during this cold December...

I have never been a big Wilmer Valderama fan. I mean besides the whole " yea i support my fellow latino" kind of way. But The Phi has been watching his new Disney cartoon called Handy Manny. Wilmer does the voice for the main character who is a handy man who owns his own fix it shop along with his talking tools. And it is a latino character who speaks in Spanglish, who is super friendly and polite and it has given me a bit of a crush on Mr. Wilmer.

Now if you have ever been in the car with my Mom than you had heard an Il Divo cd. I never thought much of these guys but they were on Oprah the other day. And you know that if Oprah likes them, then I have to like them. They were performing and it was the first time that I had ever really seen what these guys look like. Well one of them is really hot....

His name is Sebastein Izambard and word around the Internet is that he was once a pop musician in France before he became 1/4 of Il Divo. Lets say that I have a new appreciation for opera music and I completely understand my Moms obsession with these guys!

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  1. Sadly enough, AJ is not that much into Handy manny. I have put it on for him, but he doesn't seem to stay tuned. I, on the other hand, think it's a great cartoon. I watch it, while AJ is running around playing with the Christmas ornaments!


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