Friday, December 08, 2006

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Well here is my second letter to you. So this year has been so much different than last year. I mean last year I was barely crawling, so of course with all the walking and running it has been easier to get myself into a little trouble, but you gotta understand Santa, I am an independent Chicana woman who needs to discover the world on my own terms. And discover I have! But even with all the exploring and all the learning I have been pretty good. I mean my parents put in the car for hours and hours at a time and I am good about 85% of the time! Well Santa I have pleaded my case. There is not much that I want for Xmas this year. All I really want is to see my Dad more. I want him to come home so that we can lay in bed and watch cartoons together everyday. I guess some new clothes and new toys and books wouldn't be too bad either! Well hope your year was as fun as mine was. It was great to see you again! See you next year and don't forget to find me on Christmas at my Nana and Tata's house!

Peace Out! Rock On!
The Phi

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