Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Punk Rock Parents Year in Review

Here is a recap of our world in 2006, Punk Rock Parents Style.....

January- The wedding plans started moving at light speed. We went dress shopping with Ouie and Rosie, we found the location and set the date. The Phi came down with a cold. We reviewed how much The Phi looks like her Dad, complete with Baby Picture of Punk Rock Dad. Boo went skiing. The Phi started saying "Dada" and hasn't stopped. I had a strange dream about Vince. I completed my life mission of finding a coconut latte (thanks Java Jones). My sister announced that she was pregnant. We had a great Super Bowl Sunday with Tommyma the big wiener! We took The Phi to the zoo for the first time. Rosie was a super star and came to visit and watch The Phi for an evening.

February- Joey began his battle with Iritis. We booked the honeymoon and I stressed over how many days to spend in Hawaii. There was an impostor of Roo in my neighborhood. My precious wrecked Neon was sold for a mere $300. Phi came down with the flu. The Phi fell in love with Curious George (they are still going strong). The Phi got a second tooth. We spent an entire day working on Punk Rock Dads Valentines Day gift. J-Dub announces she is pregnant! We stalked the Target for the Curious George Movie Soundtrack CD.

March- Phi started crawling and we spoiled her with a "Know your Name Elmo". I explored my driving paranoia. I revisited some great childhood memories with the Sweet Pickles gang. We tossed all our baby bottles and The Phi moved on to the sippy cup. It was so cold there was some snow in our yard. After calling Punk Rock Dad out on an empty threat we ended up celebrating St Patty's Day at Hooters. Phi begins eating real food. My sister finds out that she is having TWINS!! Taylor Hicks-mania begins in our house.

April- Phi gets sick with an ear infection. Kelly Mae is born. Punk Rock Dad asked that I blog about Niko Niko Sushi. The Phi can't keep her shoes or socks on anywhere. Even in public. I explore my Gardner guilt. I confess my Curves membership and then mess up my ankles. Phi loses the demons and gets baptized. I got some cool old family photos. The big boycott happened and I debate how much TV is too much TV for The Phi.

May- We took The Phi on her first park adventure. The Phi starts standing. My bathroom gets a bit cooler with a new shower curtain. I give some much deserved props to my sister. The Phi celebrates her 1st birthday with a Curious George party. Punk Rock Dad turns 33. The family enjoys a 4-D ultrasound of the twins. We encounter bullies in a waiting room. Taylor Hicks wins American Idol. The Phi gains a new friend when The Creep pillow joins our family. The Phi begins riding front way in the car and drinking real milk.

June- Video hits PRP with The Phi's dinner conversation. I start having honeymoon jitters. Good times with a bachlorette party with fondue and drinking. Bridal shower with family. The Phi gets pink eye. I marry the love of my life on a perfect June day on a beautiful beach with all our friends and family helping us celebrate.

July- Recap of the wedding and the honeymoon complete with pictures. Review of The Phi's week with Nana and Tata. We have a big baby shower for Ouie & Luis. Phi starts walking and then almost immediately starts climbing in things. We expose The Phi to some Mexican art at the Palm Springs Art Museum. I remember the rabbit in the moon. My dad celebrates his b-day with a coconut bra. Rosie comes back from a south american adventure with the coolest sweater for The Phi.

August- Punk Rock Dad is Juror #7. I showed the world why Roo is sometimes called Fried Chicken. The Phi starts with the temper tantrums, but does is super cool with rock star p.j's. The Phi sees an allergist. We finally see a movie at the drive-in. I remember the Sweet Valley Twin book series. Felix and Lili enter the world. The Chone turns 7 and I learn to never let The Phi have a build-a-bear party. The Phi is scared of the new babies and runs away from them. The house goes on the market.

September- Punk Rock Dad starts a job in VC. My Mom celebrates her b-day with a family trip to Solvang. The Phi does her first Meme. We spend an entire day at the LA County Fair. I did a tribute for a victim of 9/11. I discover my plumbing skills. We take a trip out to SD where the Phi and Dad explored Balboa park while Mom got drunk from some good wine. We visited Chicano Park and the Garcia boys. Nina Patty has a b-day. We learned that Dad has too much time on his hands on his days off. We begin our campaign to raise $ for diabetes research. Elaine turns 21! We find out what The Phi is allergic to.

October- Big Nana has a b-day. We see what the girls do at work. I can't take a good pic of The Phi, but my aunt can. I sprout a grey hair. We eat avocado ice cream after a walk on the beach. We participate in the Diabetes Walk. My kid gets bigger and bigger everyday. I get a bad bad bad haircut. Frida lives in our backyard. Things start to get rough but Weird Al helps. Chone starts a blog. The Phi refuses to eat and the fires get close to our house. I turn 29! and my sister and Luis ask us to be Lili's godparents. The Phi is Dorothy for Halloween. Punk Rock Parents turns 1!

November- Gabriel Jr wins the race. The Phi laughs at Mr. Noodle. The Phi gets the flu all over me. Peanut Butter Jelly Time invades our house. Car troubles. We go to Simi's wedding and have a blast. Gpa Bobo and Uncle Matty get older. Punk Rock Dad becomes the manager. We spend Thanksgiving with family and The Phi looks girly. Leash or not? The Phi celebrates her half birthday.

December- The Phi is bored at the Auto show. Nina Patty becomes Professor Nina Patty. We feast. The Phi sends her email to Santa. I find some new hot guys to drool over. La Virgen has her day. We do our Xmas shopping and Phi enjoys trees and light.

2007 has been an amazing year for us. We have had some wonderful time and I am so glad that we have been able to share it with all y'all.

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