Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Light in Her Eyes

They say that when you have kids that you see the world differently. You start to see things through their eyes. Well this Xmas season I have experienced this for myself. The Phi is learning new words everyday and one of her favorites is "lights". With all the houses decorated for the holidays all car rides are an exciting experience for her. I find myself crusing side streets and taking the long long long way home so that she can see some lights. On saturday Punk Rock Dad and I took her to a street that goes all out for Xmas. Even thought it was cold and rainy we still walked it so that The Phi could get the full effect.

Good thing she had this new hat Nana bought her. It was super cold.

This was her favorite. I love how the mailbox is mailbox from Blues Clues.

And we call this..Dinner at Nana's house. A pint of Ben and Jerry's


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I miss my goddaughter...when are you coming over to visit?!?

  2. notice how mom has a little one and dad has the big one!


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