Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

So here is the recap of our Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve (like every Xmas eve of my life!) and my Nana & Tata's house. The Phi wore a Christmas dress that her Grandma Kim bought for her.

I know. I can't stand the cuteness either.

From the moment we got to my grandparents people were giving The Phi gifts to open.

Here is Lili with Big Nana completely overwhelmed by her first Christmas

Felix realizing that his mother his crazy.

The Phi with Santa. She was a bit freaked out, but my little trooper didn't cry!

The festivites lasted until well after midnight and with about 50+ people crammed into a small house I was so ready to go home. As so was The Phi.

Christmas Morning!!

The Phi and Chone exchanging gifts. Notice the nice new chair Santa brought for The Phi!

Guess Punk Rock Dad was good this year because he got the alarm clock he asked for

Ouie opening the twins new Kings hats!

Elaine with her new Kings book. We all got books this year, with bookmarks of $$$!!!

Chone with her American Girl Doll designed to look like her.

What to get the man with everything? A new rifle! (my Dad hunts)

And booze! Great combo Mom!

And soon the bubble wrap was flying and Xmas morning was over.

But Xmas was not done for The Phi. We then headed out to Joey's grandparents house where she loaded up on even more toys. The kid made out like a bandit! We hope that your Christmas was filled with as much good times as ours was!


  1. nothing says happy birthday Jesus like booze and guns!

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    She looks adorable in that red dress!

  3. The Phi looked so pretty in her red dress!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!


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