Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of 2006- TV

Surprise, surprise TV is big in our house. This year there were a few shows that we really got into. We enjoyed our usual Miami Ink and some Dog the Bounty Hunter. But the entire family went a little crazy for this years season of American Idol. Joey or I had never really seen the show too much before, but this time we watched every single episode. And this was before our TiVo days. If you have been reading this blog for awhile then you know how bad we got into this show. And we were Taylor Hicks fans all the way.

I really was into a few shows this year. Lost, The George Lopez Show, Oprah, Days of Ours Lives (been watching that since high school thanks to Sam!), reruns of Reba, a TLC show called Surviving Motherhood, but my favorite show of this year has to be Ugly Betty. When I began to hear talk about a show that Selma Hyack was doing I knew I would be interested. I love Selma! I want to be Selma! I fell in love with the show. It is funny and smart and the man who plays Daniel Mead is one hot man ( my fondness of white guys goes w-a-y back )

Joey has spent countless hours watching HGTV (I wont tell you what I think HG stands for). Yet despite the thousands of home make over shows he has watched it has yet inspired him to do one thing around the house. Strange.

To balance his masculinity out he also watches a lot of biker build-off, orange county choppers, and other motorcycle shows. See my husband really really wants his own motorcycle. And I really wish I could get him one. I could totally see him on a hog with the little black helmet and his massive goatee flapping in the wind. Maybe one day.

I read something a while back that said that kids should not be exposed to television until 2 years old. When I got back up off the floor and wiped my tears from laughter I realized that I would not have survived the last year with The Phi without TV. Her favorite shows are Curious George, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, and Blues Clues. I think out of these my favorite is Blues Clues. It is a pretty good show and Joey and I have discussed in length who is the better host, Steve or Joe. Joe hands down is the better host. Did you know that "Joe" is a 28 year old who was born in Guam.

Well this is the last post for 2006. We are celebrating the new year here in SB with my sisters and some family. We plan to eat, drink, play poker, and just hang out and make it a mellow affair with a small group of good peeps! We are hoping and praying that 2007 brings us back together and this commute thing is over soon. We hope it brings us back to Ventura County and we all stay healthy and happy. Hope you all celebrate safely and I hope 2007 rocks for all y'all.

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