Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To Leash or not to leash

Back in the good ol' days before my entire mind was consumed with thoughts of The Phi I would go shopping and see these Mom's with their kids on leashes. And I remember thinking to myself, "how barbaric, look at those Mom treating their kids like dogs. That is so awful" and then those words that bite you in the ass later in life "I would NEVER do that to my kids" I mean I never thought about putting Chone on a leash. I had her alot when she was little. But then I realzied that Chone was the freakin perfect kid beacuse now I have a toddler who does not want to stay in a stroller, who does not want to be carried, who does not want to hold anyones hand, who wants to walk off on her own and who makes outtings difficult. And I think, "Wow one of those kid leashes would really come in handy now."

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  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    you know they don't look pretty and you might get evil stares but it's way better than your daughter running off and being lost (or worse) in a crowded department store, right? ~p


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