Tuesday, November 28, 2006

78 weeks

In the middle of all the Thanksgiving day excitement. In the middle of all the family and food my baby girl turned 1 year and 1/2. 78 weeks as my punk kid. She has gone from my chuuby baby to my Super Kidd-o! Now in our family we do half birthdays. We sometimes have small parties with cake and pinatas. So to us 1 year and 1/2 is a big deal. I cannot believe how big she has gotten and how funny she can be. She is beautiful and smart and independent and wild with curly brown hair and her eyes are the same exact brown as her dad's. She is the only one who understands how much I love Joey because she loves him as much as I do. She has become this amazing little person who can frustrate the hell out of me, but no matter how frustrated I get she can always put a smile on my face just by smiling at me. Last night I kept The Phi up late in hopes that she would sleep in for her Dad this morning and while we sat on the floor in the glow of our Xmas tree lights playing with legos I sat her on my lap in front of me and looked at her. She told me "hi!" and I could not believe that this little creation was mine. Mine and Joey's. I am her Mom and this perfect little monster loves me like no one else can. I cannot imagine ever loving anything more than her. We are quickly on our way to the 2's. Hope they are not as terrible as they are rumored to be.


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Happy half-berfday to Sophia (and dad)!!!! Love, her nina

  2. happy half birthday phi! i will be in banning in one week from tonight! oh, and lis, did she say "hhhhhiiiii" like stitch haha

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    oh know, already celebrating half birthdays like her nina, you better watch out with that one.:)

  4. Elissa, I LOVE this post!!!! I know exactly how you feel!!! I look at AJ every single day, look at his smile, his bright eyes and I am in complete wonder and amazement that I had something to do in creating such a magnificent little person! He amazes me every day with his curiosity, humor, independence and will. I KNOW The Phi does the same for you. Happy 1/2 birthday to The Phi. I know how proud you are of her and I have a good sense of what a special child she is!


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