Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We have no bananas today!

So yesterday was the big allergy skin test for The Phi. After a year of dealing with her skin rashes and stuffy noses we have now pin-pointed some things that she is allergic to. They pricked her back with about 34 different allergins. She was pissed about the pricks, but she only cried for a minute and was fine. The test concluded that she is allergic to :






So that may explain her rash outburst over the weekend. She stayed with Tia Mary for a few hours and they have a cat, and I gave her a banana to eat over there! I can't believe she is allergic to so much. She is going to be one of those nerdy kids who has a note pinned to them to let other parents and teachers know what she can and can't eat. So they prescribed her Zyrtec and after we picked up that prescription (along with 3 other types of creams!) I was reading the info pamphlet and noticed that the Zyrtec is a banana-grape flavored syrup! Banana! Now chances are is all artifical, but what if its not and her medicine that is suppose to get rid of her rashes just make it worse. So I have a call in to her doctor, and the pharmacy. Now its a race to see who gets back to me first!


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    so does that mean roo is going to live in sb with mom & dad? or does that mean he is going to live with me!!! i cant belive she is allergic to bananas! she eats them all the time. now she cant be like her idol, curious george. :( ~cari

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    she is going to be like her mama- no cake for her! ~NP

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    I think the doctor should another test on her (like tomorrow) just to make sure she is not allergic to HOAGIES and FRIES.

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Poor kid!!! I could never live without the nuts!! It would be a sad day if I ever had to give up peanuts, or any food group involving peanut butter.

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Oh poor thing and poor you. Cricket had (has?) food allergies which we discovered when he was 2 months old from breastfeeding. Never fully figured out what he was allergic to but I eventually eliminated all foods (yes ALL foods) from my diet. Now he eats a lot but I'm still suspect to some. We try to avoid dairy still. Food allergies are tough. Do you have them?? Here's hoping she outgrows them.


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