Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Birthday Shout-Out!!

I just can't believe it. My little sister turns 21 years old today. She has grown from a monkey baby to a full-fledged beer buying babe! So in honor of her 21 years as the baby of the family here are a few pictures I found on my computer.....

At Patty and Jovans wedding. She was so excited to wear that dress!

Maxing and Relaxing

Can you believe that she is buddies with Ghandi? Ghandi has ADD, Ghandi has ADD!

You will notice she likes to throw the peace sign

You + Me = Us. I know my calculus.

Getting gas before a show. Notice the peace signs again.

Lounging by the pool at my old place.

Again but this time the double peace!!

So a happy birthday to the one who made it possible. The one who introduced me to Punk Rock, which lead me to Punk Rock Dad, which lead to my Punk Rock kid.

We Love you Elaine.

Have the best time ever in Vegas!!!


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Dont you remember where the peace signs came from? dont you remember when elaine was Nixon that year at bass lake and she threw the double peace sign in every pic that year? thats when it all started.

  2. dang, i will remember to take a picture with the peace signs tonight


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