Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pimp Hats and Pigs

Yes people I am talking about a day at the fair. We spent a nice and long day at the fair. We missed last year and we were excited to take The Phi to her first official fair. So we all got up and got ready.

The Phi has her milk, her comfy new size 4! shoes and her gum!?

So we drove out to the fairgrounds and began our adventure. As soon as we walked into the gate we were bombarded by the staff that takes your picture. The were digging The Phi and kept wanting to take pictures of her. We just wanted to check out the fair. We figuered we would check out all the farm animals first.


See Ouie. It could be way worse!

We then headed to the huge giant slide. You know that big yellow one that you slide down on a potato sack. Apparently Joey wanted to take The Phi. My teeny tiny baby down that huge ginourmous slide. Thank goodness kids under 2 were not allowed. Phew, I get one more year before the heartattack! Instead we took her to the petting zoo.

My kid meets a kid.

Since it was about lunch time for Phi we got comfy (as comfy you can get in the blazing sun) at the Budwiser stage so Phi could chow down and then rock out. Her first rock show! We warched a local pop-punk band called Minutes to Memories. They were very much like old Yellowcard meets Plain White T's. So of course I liked them. The show made me miss the days of crappy venues, bad sound and Erks shows!

We checked our the art exhibit where we all sat in tiny chairs at tiny tables and colored butterflies. The Phi's came out really good! We also got to do some protesting for public fruit.

Hey I am always down for a good protest.

Now time for the parents to eat. With food everywhere it was a tough decision. Joey went with a $9 sausage dog and I went with a $6 Pinks Chili Dog and a $3 bottle of water.

Next was to play in the snow! They had one exhibit hall set up as a winter wonderland. With booths with Xmas stuff, an ice skating rink, and even a hill of snow for sleding. So we let the Phi play with the snow for awhile.

Cheering on her favorite pig at the pig races.

We walked through all the exhibits and all the booths. We saw giant Texas donuts and even won The Phi a new Curious George doll at the mid-way. We oohed and ahhed over the spas and the house boat. We saw a cheerleading competition, marching bands and a high diving show. We walked through Smokey Bears forest and learned that only we can prevent forest fires. We took a nice healthy snack like roasted corn and slathered it with butter, lemon pepper, lemon juice and mayo! We had a wonderful day at the fair. When we got back to the jeep and got The Phi in the car we asked her is she had a good time at her first fair.........

I think she did!

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  1. How fun!!!! Isn't it amazing to watch them discover the world! We took AJ to the aquarium for the first time and he was sooooo fascinated!


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