Sunday, July 30, 2006

Reasons #45865 to move back home

Here is the sweater that Rosie brought back for The Phi from her trip. How awesome is this?! It is super detailed and even has a scene on the back. She is going to look so cute with this sweater some jeans and of course a pair of Puma's. We had a really nice visit with Pat, JZ and Rose on Friday. I even got to leave work early! We hung out at home and The Phi got to play with her god-parents. They even got to see the finale of American Idol. I had been saving it on our Tivo for them. I guess I can erase it now! Joey got home from work early and we headed to this great Mexican restaurant in Yucaipa, Casa Trejos. They have the most incredible carnitas there. Infact as we speak I have a pork in the slow cooker in an attempt to replicate Casa Trejos recipe.

The last few days have been a bit rough for the familia. My sister who is pregnant with twins was having some kidney issues. She has only one functioning kidney and that kidney was really swollen and the dr's were afraid it would fail, or it wasn't functioning enough to keep her and the babies safe so she spent most of saturday in the hospital. Luckily they sent her home with just a perscription. At the same hospital my cousin Roman was in a room. He had been in the hospital for a few days for difficulty breathing. My cousin as MDS so these things are not taken lightly. My sister did get to see him and says he was feeling much better, talking and laughing. And even more bad news. My sisters dogs (really like her children) are missing. They broke a piece of the side yard fence and have not been seen for days. I can't even imagine what she is going through. She is in the process of plastering all of her town with posters. The Phi and I pray at night that they come home. All these events and I feel so helpless and as if we are not even part of the family. Just some outsiders watching all these things happen to this family. We are not active participants and not because of want, but because of distance. We should have been with my sister at the hospital, we should have visited Roman and brought him some CD's, we should be helping my sister look for her dogs.

Well The Phi is learning new places to climb everyday. This week she has mastered getting up on the chairs! So now all you hear is me telling her to sit down. She has fallen only once, so far.


  1. what a cute sweater and little girl! I got here by way of Dr. John

  2. The beautiful sweater will look great on that beautiful child.

  3. Dropping by via Friday's Child.

    That is a pretty sweater. Love the colors too.

    Cheers to another week!

  4. the picture is so cute...she will look darling in that sweater. I am sorry to hear about your sister thats pregnant....hope the script helps.....and your sister whos dogs are missing.....I hope she finds them....I use to be the same way with my little dog...if he got out of the yard I got in my car and went all over town looking for him! Im here from Dr John.

  5. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Gorgeous kid.
    If my mom put anything with ducks eating stuff on me- I would be less well adjusted today.


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