Thursday, July 06, 2006

Getting to the Beach

We were worried about parking, but after a short drive to East Beach, we found the parking lots pretty empty. Nice! So I had stuffed my dress into the back of my Dads truck and when we got there it was a little windy, but a beautiful clear blue day.

I was happy to see that there were people there already. All we had to do was to what for the call from Tom telling us we were ready to go!

One of the first people I saw was Jessica and her hubby Rick. I think Thanksgiving might have been the last time I saw her, but it was so good to her at the wedding. She looked amazing as always!

Here are my bridesmaids and flower girl standing against the wall to stay out of the wind. After a rough morning The Chone brightened up and was a great flower girl.

Here we go.............

1 comment:

  1. You looked beautiful and the day looked like it was so perfect!!! You're keeping us in suspense with the posts... but how fun!


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