Friday, July 21, 2006

Exposed to it as such a young age!

We took The Phi to the Palm Springs Art Museum yesterday. I found out that that had an exhibit of Mexican artist and that onThursdays during market night its free. (Bonus!!) So we packed the portable mist-er to try to beat the 110 temperatures and headed out to Palm Springs. No words to describe the heat, but the museum was nice and air conditioned. We headed to the Mexican art exhibit and I was really impressed. We got to see some Diego Rivera's, Siquerois, Tamayo, and even a few Orozco's. It was a pretty impressive collection. Of course no Frida's ( I would cry to see a Frida live and in person) but there was a sketch from Rivera of Frida sitting nude on a bed. We went through the whole museum and The Phi liked the native american artwork the best. Especially the baskets. It wasn't until college that I was really exposed to these great Mexican artist and Chicano artist and since then they have been a passion of mine. It was super awesome to watch my daughter and the tender age of 1 point at a Diego Rivera painting and even a Picasso and Monet and with her chubby little finger out ask "What's that?". At just one she is already being exposed to some wonderful artist and is able to see thier work.


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Next you have to take her to Coyoacan to see Frida's house. :)~p

  2. thats awesome. if she is exposed to all this now, imagine the things she will get into on her own! haha


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