Friday, May 12, 2006

Baba Looey

So my first official Mother's Day is right around the corner. Last year at Mother's Day we were at my Tia Angie's house and I was very pregnant. I was huge and waddeling all over the place. This year I will be home with The Phi. Joey has to work, so no pampering for me! Just a normal weekend day at home with my Phi.

So I have been an official Mom for almost a year now and I have said it before, but you really do not realize what goes into being a Mom, especially a good one. I have been very lucky to have Joey, who is a great Dad and helps out when he can. That made me realize how hard it must have been for my sister. My sister had The Chone when she was 19 years old. Things did not work out between my sister and The Chone's dad so she raised this kid by herself. I know that I have mentioned The Chone before and she is such a great kid. Smart, funny, social, active etc... So my sister was in her early 20's raising a kid and to make the job even more difficult she was going to college at the same time. Infact last year she earned her BA from CSUN. I missed her graduation, (I think The Phi was born the next day!) and I don't think I ever got to tell her that I was so proud of her accomplishments. And now I know just how much work it was for her. My sister never once complained about raising The Chone on her own. She studied hard and raised a great kid all at the same time. The Chone is going to be 7 this year and is in 2nd grade. She is doing great in school. My sister is now engaged to a great guy and expecting her 2nd and 3rd baby. Tomorrow we all go to a 4-d ultra-sound to see my new niece and nephew. It is strange to look up to your little sister!

There is a country song by Terri Clark called, "She Didn't Have Time". Eveytime I hear it it makes me think of my sister and I always tear up a little.

"She Didn't Have Time"
He said goodbye from the edge of the porch
Like she'd been some casual friend
He said "You're better off without me, I'm not what you need"
like her momma had said about him
He started the car pulled out of the drive didn't waste anytime lookin back
She watched him go thinkin even a stranger would show more compassion than that
She could've cried
but she didn't have time
She had a baby to feed, a pink blanket to find, to rock their little one to sleep
She could've laid in bed for hours giving misery the power
But she didn't have time
She got a sitter and she got a job 'cause she had a promise to keep
Her day was a factory and evenin survival and night was exhaustion and sleep
Sometimes she felt life was passing her by and watching was all she could do
Her friends said "You gotta get outta the house and maybe you'll meet someone new
She could've tried but she didn't have time
She had a five year old to feed, she had ballet class, piano lessons and t-ball little league
She could've laid awake for hours giving lonely nights the power
But she didn't have time
Not time, where would she find the time to trust a man again
Not time, for that flat tire, a crowded parking lot and then,
Not time, but yes have coffee with the man that got her tire fixed
She was thinking "Gosh, he's handsome"When he asked"Do you have kids?"
She could've lied but she didn't have time, all she said was "She's five"
He said "I saw the car seat, I love kids, does she have your eyes"
And they sat and talked for hours givin destiny its power
She could've been afraid to fall in love that night
But she didn't have time
She could've been afraid to fall in love that night
But she didn't have time
The Chone
*wondering about the Baba Looey?? Well that was my sisters nickname as a child. My Dad had a thing for Hanna Barbera cartoons. Even I got a nickname from those cartoons. Eventually Baba Looey was shortened to Ouie. And thats what we call her, Ouie. She is even The Phi's Tia Ouie.

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