Thursday, May 11, 2006

13 Things About my Mom
In honor of Mother's Day of course

1. She looks so great that we often get mistaken for sisters.

2. When we were little so that we could learn our home phone number she turned it into a song we would sing on the swings. I still know my old childhood phone number

3. When I was about to go into 8th grade we moved to Moorpark. She let me stay with my grandparents that year so I could finish at my school with all my friends.

4. There was this green dress that I really wanted for a homecoming dance. It was expensive, but she bought it for me for my birthday.

5. She let me have my crazy obssesion with New Kids on the Block, even when it meant covering every inch of my bedroom wall with posters.

6. She is very self-less and would always make sure we had enough even if it meant she didnt have any.

7. She is taking a week off from work to watch The Phi so Joey and I can take a honeymoon.

8. She makes the best cards for people. Personalized with pictures and everything.

9. She is very small but has a LOUD voice. It is great most of the time. Except the mornings!

10. I find myself singing the same songs and reading the same books to Phi, the same way my Mom did and thats cool

11. She pushed us to get a good education.

12. She can make the best pumpkin bread, enchiladas, and chicken spaghetti

13. She taught me how to crochet, and how to be a good Mom.


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    14. Because she is one of kindest, generous and overall bestest Tias! ~p

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I love you too Mija.


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