Thursday, March 02, 2006

Computers Been Off Limits

My home computer has been off limits for almost a week. With Joey shutting himself in the room to stay in the dark I have not had a chance to get my pics from my camera to my computer. I was finally able to do that last night. There were some pics I wanted to share.

I gave Sophia her first "biter biscuit". Which is basically a cookie. She loved it! The smile says it all!

What else..hmm. Oh yea we bought these adorable sweaters from The Childrens Place. I loved them because they look like something I would wear. So even though she looks like dad she can dress like mom.
What else, what else? Oh yea we bought this completely inapproriate shirt for Phi. We could not resist.
And I know there is something else......
She Started Crawling!!!!
Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work she was waking up from a nap. So I put her on the floor to change her diaper. She was very very wiggly and after I finally got the diaper on she turned on her tummy and crawled away! I was shocked so I pulled her back to see if she would do it again. She could see her reflection in her closet doors and she started crawling toward that. So i moved her across the room and called Joey. With his one good eye he watched his daughter crawl across the room. It was so freakin awesome! So of course because we are awful parents who spoil the crap out of our kid we treked to our hang out (Target) and yes we got it for her....
We bought the "Know Your Name Elmo". We programmed it last night and it was very cool until about 7 this morning. It is programmed to know your kids schedule and on normal work days Phi is up at 7 am. Well today was not a normal work day, it was a stay at home with Dad day. I figuered that the doll only talked when its stomach or hand was pressed. So last night I put it on the rocking chair because I didn't want Phi to roll on it and have it wake her up. Well apparently you don't have to push its stomach or hand. At exactly 7am I heard through the baby monitor "Good Morning Sophia". I had to run in the room and turn it off before it woke her up.


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Yeah sophia l.l.--she'll be walking like five minutes ago! ~p

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    She looks like such a big girl in her "mom" sweater. :)

  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    can i say that i had a little to do with sophia starting to crawl, i did get on all fours to role model what she needed to do to crawl, why, maybe she is a visual learner. :) congratulations sophia pia. he he he r.perez


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