Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well it was another exhusting weekend. This time it was Joey that was sick. We thought he had pink eye, but well pink eye does not hurt that much or blind someone. Joey was in a lot of pain all weekend long, but he was a trooper. He suffered through my driving, and a house full of family. Of course we LOVE to have family over for the weekend. On saturday night we had Rosie, Tommyma, Ouie (w/baby Larry), Luis. Chone, Elaine, Patty and JZ at our house. Eveyone but Pat and JZ stayed the night. Sunday was spent getting ready and taking the girls to get pictures done. Elaine had bought them matching dresses months ago and we were waiting for Phi to grow into hers. The timing was perfect because Phi had just turned 9 months old and The Chone had turned 6 and a half. The pictures came out okay. I dont think we will be going back to sears though. The quality of thier pics has really gone down hill.

Well on Sunday night I couldn't stand Joey's pain (or whining) anymore so i missed work to take him to an eye doctor. They fit him in yesterday morning and we found out that he has "Irisis". Thats when the iris of the eye is swollen. The doctor prescribed him steriod drops and I had to go to 4 different pharmacys to find one that had the drops in stock. He has to put a drop in his bad eye once every hour. He is slowly starting to feel better.

In good news we have an official date for Phi's baptism. She will be baptized on April 22nd. Pat and I are planning on a nice brunch for anyone who decideds to make he trek out to celebrate with us. My mom already told me that my nana and tata want to be there no matter what. Now my nana can stop asking everybody "when are they going to baptize that baby?"

And in even better news, we have found a sippy cup that Phi will use!! Nuby's Rules


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Does Nina get a picture? :)

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    So you are baptizing her in Banning?


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