Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yesterday Sucked

Wednesday was a yucky day. Sophia cried all day and between her crying and me being sick it made work hard. And then there was this thing with a client who was upset and she ended up calling my boss all pissed which did not make my boss happy. Then I banged my knee really really hard on my desk. It is still sore today. Then we finally head out of the office. After staying 15 minutes late waiting for the Xerox guy who never showed up. And I couldnt get the Jeep to start. Even the little trick I use wasn't working. It took me about 10 minutes to finally get it started and of course while we were trying Phi decided to take a crap while strapped in her car seat which made her more cranky. So there I was trying to get the car started with a smelly crying baby. The jeep finally started and we headed home. Joey got home right after that. I had some soup for dinner and knocked out on the couch. Dad of the Century took care of Phi's dinner and got her in her pj's, read her story and put her to bed. It was strange having him bring her to me to say good night because it is usually the other way around. It was strange but nice. I really needed the nap. Joey even built a fire (in our fireplace of course!) to keep me warm because I was cold. Today has been going much better. With the exception of the phone call from Amorette (Joey's cousin) telling us about Grandpa and the girls car accident this morning (everyone's okay) This morning has been going well. Busy at work so the day is flying by. Lots of stuff to do, and my vanilla latte was good this morning. Joey is off work and with Sophia so I can be extra productive today. And in my email this morning my cousin Erika had sent me some pics of Phi from the wedding. I loved this one of her throwing attitude.

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