Thursday, January 26, 2006


I finally finished something! It seems like lately I have started crocheting projects and never finish them. This is a blanket for Phi. Joey kept saying that it looked spicy. I was so excited when I was done I snuck into Phi's room and put it over her. Luckliy she stayed asleep. I am hoping she will love her new blanket and maybe it will become her "softy cover'. Thats what Elaine called her security blanket. The cool part of that blanket was that is was mine and Ouie's too. There is a great picture of Elaine from when she was about 4 years old throwing the blanket away. My guess was that Mom was making a big deal about Elaine being a big girl. The strange part is that Elaine is wearing some paper antlers. I can only guess that it was Christmas time, but with Elaine you never know.

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