Friday, January 13, 2006

What goes on over there?

In the office center I work in the Press Enterprise Newspaper has a office right next to ours. Everyday these two young girls, who I call Mary-Kate and Ashley because of their huge sunglasses, small size, and funky clothes. They sit outside the office and smoke a few times a day. Once in awhile they will be on their cell phones and walk right by my window. What the hell do they do there? I cannot figure it out. It is obviously not the distribution center. Could they be reporters? No because they would not be in the office all day Monday - Friday. Joey's theory is that they are the people who call you on the phone and try to sell you a subscription. It's a good theory. Everyday people wander into our office (we have no sign outside!) looking for the Press Enterprise. Those people usually want to run a fiticious business name notice. I have been here almost 2 years and I still have no clue what the Olsen twins do in the office next door. But what is funny, is that I know they are wondering the same thing about our office. We have no signs, and no customers that come in and out. We must be just as mysterious to them as they are to us! I guess I could go over and ask, but then what would I wonder about all day?

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