Friday, January 13, 2006

So I was sitting at my desk playing a quick game of peek-a-boo with Sophia. (Yes part of my work day consists of playing peek-a-boo.) I was covering my face with a burp rag and saying, "Where's Mommy?" and it hit me. Like it really hit me. I am a Mom. I am Sophia's Mom. I am doing what my Mom did for us. I was like "whoahhhh" a very overwhelming feeling. And as I digest that thought, along with my lunch, Sophia enjoys some pear juice in her play pen. That in itself is a small victory. We have had a hard time geting her to drink juice. She just wasn't having it and then one day she just started downing the stuff. Which is so great because as some of you know Sophia has a bit of a constipation problem (Shhhh she doesnt like to talk about it.) But the juice and karo syrup with water is helping a lot. Maybe a little too much. On Wednesday she pooped 3 times. We were so amazed I almost wrote it in her baby book.

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