Punk Rock Parents: We can look back and laugh

Saturday, December 10, 2005

We can look back and laugh

We were out Xmas shopping at the Victoria gardens mall. (Still my favorite right now) We had shopped most of the day and were ready for dinner. There is a GREAT BBQ place there called Lucilles. Great food. Huge portions. A bit pricy but worth it. While having dinner there was a big party next to us. A mexican family celebrating the Dad's birthday. Closest to us was sitting a daughter her boyfriend or husband and their new baby boy. Joey and I sat and watched them freak out over everything. He needed changing so they both packed up and took him to be changed. They had packed so much stuff I thought they were leaving. They came back and we were giggling over how the Dad painstakingly made a perfectly measured bottle for the little one and then he shook it like crazy before handing it over to the Mom. We laughed and talked about how that is exactly what we looked like just 6 short months ago. I wanted to tell them that it gets easier and things like making bottles will become second nature to them, and soon they will be able to change a diaper in a minute or less. I wanted to welcome these rookies to the club and let them know that they would be pros in no time.

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    hey all. well how come I get home and can get on the internet from my phone???? its you guys. hehe