Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cosmos and Pork Chops

* warning, warning. This blog entry contains material not suitable for some adults. This blog will contain intimate details. Too much information for some. Please continue at your own risk***

Okay got that out of the way. I can blog freely. I had a punk rock parenting moment yesterday. I had a doctors appointment to change our type of birth control I was on. I was on the pill for breast feeding moms. After a long talk with my doctor about different types we decided that the Nuva Ring was a good choice for me and my lifestyle. And by lifestyle I mean that I can never remember to take one pill everyday. So as the nurse is handing me a three month supply she is explaining to me how it works and how to insert and all that. As she was talking I was absorbing, like I do with any new knowledge, and it hit me. This ring thing may not work for us. See Joey has a Prince Albert piercing. I asked the nurse if a prince albert piercing would remove the ring during sex. After I explained a prince albert she was floored. She said she had never been asked that question. Then this much older nurse asked for more details about the piercing. I had to practically draw her a picture. She was so interested. Maybe she went home last night and asked her old husband to have a prince albert piercing done. She had no answer for me expect to try it out and if it pulls it out then maybe we would need to switch to something else. We punk rock parents are really testing the limits to these birth control methods. Joey and I had a laugh about my doctors office experience over a dinner of pork chops and cosmos.

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  1. So...how did that end up working out with the whole ring thing? I had the same experience at the doctor today...and I was just curious :) Thanks.


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