Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I must be emo

Last night we were out at the Thai House for dinner. (again!) In the booth behind us was a dad and his teenage daughter. We could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. The dad was really trying to get to know his daughter and was asking questions about school and her friends. She started to describe either a person or a shirt a person was wearing and she was sayings like " the shirt was really emo, but he is not really that emo". The dad listened and finally asked his daughter "what is emo?" It was hilarious. I was anxious to hear how she would answer. She explained that it meant emotional kind of kids. Then went into a whole thing about the tight pants emo boys wear. After dinner we came home, feed Sophia took her a bath. (Finally! that kid was filthy!), read a bed time story about baby animals and then put her to bed. No crying this time, but she did wake up at about 4am. Joey and I both laid there and tried to ignore it. We were trying to see who could last longer. Who could stand the crying longer. He forgets that I have her at the office where she cries a lot and I have to just ignore it. So I won and he ended up getting up. She had a bottle and still wouldn't go back to sleep. She had been doing so good about sleeping through the night too.

Only a few more days to go! I am so excited about Xmas. I am going to be making cookies on Friday night. Any suggestions??


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    You know milk chocolate and butterscotch are the best and coming in at a close 2nd is the oatmeal chocolate chip!! Happy Baking...I will be wedding dress shopping!

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    you can't go wrong with white chocolate macademia nut...or you can always go with the traditional chocolate chip....see you saturday!! ~p


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