Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Don't ever buy a home from Ray/Everett Homes

Okay it's time for me to vent. This picture is what the people building the homes on my block left my yard looking like. Okay maybe a little exaggerated, but just a little. See a few months ago the construction people who are buliding the new houses on our street were digging a giant hole in our front yard. The whole became a trench through the whole yard. Thattrench is now just dirt where grass use to be. Somehow by digging this trench they ruined about half of out front yard. We have tried calling anyone who would listen, the city, the contractor, the supervisor of the project, even the realty company who are selling the new homes. Everyone who we have talked to has said they are going to fix it. Last person I talked to said that by mid-January. The yard is just the biggest problem. They also put a hole in the fence so Roo can now get out, and they got cement all over one side of Joeys truck. Everyone I have talked to about this has either been an idiot or just rude. They are frustrated with me because they have destroyed my property. So lets all take a stand and DO NOT buy a home built by Ray/Everett Homes, or Visions Builders or sell or buy a house from Thunderbird Realty.

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