Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Best Friends Wedding

My buddy Crissy got married last Saturday. I will admit, there was potential for disaster. There were moms and step-moms and 2 very different families getting together. The day went fantastically! (is that a word) There is something about some weddings that is almost magical. I believe that when both people are truly in love the people involved in the wedding feel that and it penetrates throughout the whole day. Everything went perfect. Crissy looked gorgeous and Phill could not have been happier or prouder that day. People were happy and miracles happened. See Crissy's parents divorced even before she was born. The first 18 years of her life centered around a bad custody battle over her. Ever since I have known her, she has always been so torn between her dad and step-mom and her mom. Every holiday it was a problem and when she got engaged she immediately began to worry about how they all would get along for that day. I was very honored to be a bridesmaid that day. As we all squeezed into a tiny brides room at the church Angela (the other brides maid) and I were standing around trying to stay out of the way. Crissy was being photographed and due to the fact that the room was way beyond capacity her mom and step-mom were standing next to each other. As her mother struggled to pin her corsage, her step-mom offered to help. As they stood there working together I snapped a quick picture. I knew this was a momentous occasion. I remembered all the pain that Crissy had went through because of the feud between her parents. After the corsage was in place we could hear bits of a conversation between them. We heard things like, "I'm sorry", "the past is in the past", "we have grandkids to raise", and "Crissy was very lucky to have 3 parents that loved her". I was floored. After all those years, all the turmoil Crissy endured, her wedding, brought it all to an end. She now can truly start a brand new and wonderful chapter of her life. The feeling of happiness permeated the air and followed us all the the reception. Everywhere I looked people were laughing, smiling, hugging. As I danced with my cousin and sister, I watched Crissy's new step-daughters having fun, I watched her parents dance, I watched her Mom laughing with her sisters, I watched Angela and Ron shimming across the dance floor, I watched Crissy's nephew dance like the music was just in him. It was a wonderful day for my friend and she deserved every moment of it.


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Post the picture!! ~papz

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Thanks Willy for the inspirational, fantastical interpretation of our wedding day!!! You describe it like a great movie that I want to close my eyes and see over and over again...Thank you for being part of the magic!!

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM



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