Sunday, November 27, 2005

Black Friday

It happens every single year. The day after Thanksgiving is known in the retail world as Black Friday. The names comes from the fact that stores make so much money on that day it helps them out of the red and into the black. There is nothing racial about it. Joey work at the Cabazon Outlets . He has been working for Puma for a few months now. Joey has been in retail for many many years. He has endured many Black Fridays in his day. I on the other hand have never worked retail. And after Joey's horror stories I would never want to. Well because the mall is so crazy he asked if I could take him to work on Friday and Saturday. I finally got to see the madness of Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day weekend shopping for myself. There were cars parked anywhere you could fit a car. When I dropped him off about 8:30 Friday morning we couldnt even get into the parking lot for his mall. So I dropped him off at an intersection. I went to pick him up that night about 6 pm. The street that runs along the mall was jammed packed. Apparently people who soend all day shopping completely forget how to drive or any rules of the road. I was stuck in the middle of an intersection for about 15 minutes. When we drove past Puma I could see a line outside the store. Apparently there had been a line to get into the store all day long. Joey was telling me that at the Coach store the line just to get in was 2 hours long. People were waiting 2 hours to get into a store. Why in the world would you do that to yourself. Unless they were giving away free coach bags I dont think I would wait that long. The sales were not even that great. Puma had a better sale the week before. Sophia and I stayed away from all the craziness. Heres how we kicked it!

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