Monday, November 28, 2005

4 shots to the leg

Thats what Sophia got this morning. It was time for her 6 month immunization shots. Joey has today off she he took her. Because the wait is always atleast an hour long he called me when they were called into the room. The doctor came in (same guy from the eczema appointment) and spoke to us in English and gave Sophia an okay examination. He says she is a very healthy kid. Yea Joey and I are doing pretty good with this parenting stuff. She has been here 6 months and we havent screwed her up yet! After the doctor answered all my questions about eczema and food. Then the nurse came in for the shots. They pinned my poor baby to the table and gave her four shots in her legs. She cried, of course, but not too bad. My eyes water everytime. As soon it was over I held her and she stopped crying. The nurse commented on 'what a good baby' Sophia is. Only 2 more months until the next ones. We are going to be switching doctors so it will be a whole new experience next time.

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