Monday, January 09, 2023

God Only Knows

 So if you know me you are well aware that I need to become obsessed with random things for short periods of time. The last few weeks have been all about The Beach Boys, more specifically Brian Wilson. 

It all started when I watched the movie Say Anything for the first time a few weeks ago. Great movie but it got me thinking "what has John Cusack done lately?". A quick google search lead me to re-watching theJohn Cusack movie "Love and Mercy, which is a Brian Wilson bio-pic and a great movie. Which lead to watching "Long Promised Road" a Brian Wilson documentary. Which will eventually lead to me reading every biography on Brian Wilson I can get my hands on. 

To me the Beach Boys encapsulate the ideal Southern California living. I grew up on the coast as a beach kid. That Ventura County Line they talk about in Surfin' USA. I literally used to surf there. Well, attempt to surf, things that require balance are not my forte. 50 First Dates is one of my favorite movies and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" plays a cute role in that one. And seriously the song "God Only Knows" is in my top 5 of songs of all time. ALL TIME PEOPLE. 

It is absolutely incredible what Brian Wilson has gone through. There is little debate to the fact that he is a musical genius. They way he can hear these crazy layers of sound in his head and bring them to life in a studio with instruments, office supplies, animals, and make it unreal brand new sounds is amazing. But this man was tormented by his own mind. Later in life is was finally diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. A neurological disorder that has symptoms of hallucinations, delusions, depression and full on mania. Mix this with abusive parents, drug abuse, and being overmedicated by a shady doctor for 9 years it's a miracle Brian Wilson is here today. Not only is he still here, but he's still making music. 

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