Thursday, October 25, 2018

Grand AF

As soon as school let out it was time for the annual birthday trip. The rules of the birthday trip is that it has to be somewhere we have never been before. So this year we headed to Arizona for a trip to the Grand Canyon. After a family wedding in Kingman and a stop at Bedrock we bunked down in Williams and took the drive up to the canyon.

Of course I knew about the canyon. I had seem people's pictures on social media, on TV and movies but none of it could prepare me.

We parked near a visitor center and took a short walk and all of a sudden we caught our first glimpse.

It was mind blowing.

My head could not comprehend what I was seeing. It was way to grand and way to beautiful. It was like my brain couldn't believe that it was real.

I kept thinking...... It looks like a Disneyland backdrop.

We spent the day taking the free tram to different view points.

Pictures can't do it justice. I took like a million anyway.

Here are the highlights.

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