Friday, January 26, 2018

School Choice Week

Every year the girls school has a "school choice" week. All week long the kids have different dress up days like college day and school spirit day. The week ends with free lunch Friday, where the parents came come and have lunch with their kids. 

The whole purpose of the school choice week is to celebrate charter schools and the fact that they provide parents with a choice when it comes to their kids education. So on Friday I went and had lunch with the girls and spent some time with them and their friends. 

It reminded me how lucky we are to have found this school when we did. Growing up I was lucky to go to Briggs School. A small school with about 300 kids from Kinder to 8th grade. I went all 9 years at the same school with the same kids. I still have my best friend from kindergarten. I truly believe that going to such a small school and growing up with the same friends for so long had a significant impact on who I am today. The small environment allowed me to stay a kid longer than most. When all the parents know each other and the parents know the teachers you have a family vibe. And like family you know that the teachers and administrators love you and genuinely want you to succeed.

I have found this same vibe at my kids charter school. We have been a part of this school since day 1. We enrolled Phi by going to the principals house before they even had a location confirmed. We took a chance on the school as much as they took a chance on us and over the last 5 years we have been so happy. I love that I am friendly with the teachers, because they are not just passionate about teaching, they are intelligent and creative people who I admire.

When I can start emails to the principal with DUDE! I know we are at the right place for us.

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