Thursday, October 19, 2017

Big Bear in October

When Cousin Amorette does her birthday weekend she always does it right! This year she set up a long weekend for the family in Big Bear.

We were only able to go on a Sunday but it was a fantastic day! We usually spend time there in the winter when there is snow but I have to say, Big Bear in October is absolutely gorgeous. The family rented a beautiful big house right on the lake near Boulder Bay. That top picture was from the patio of the house!

Since we had a handful of kiddos we headed to the Magic Mountain Alpine Sled for the afternoon. This is the place where Joey and I spent our first Valentine's Day. Most of that day was him trying to convince me to get on the sled ride. I went on once, but he had to buy Starbucks afterwards.

Much like her Mother, Louie refused to go on. Phi on the other hand was so excited to go. Here she is with cousin Sariaha going up the ski lift.

And here she is coming down. Very very slowly. She is still a little bit like her Momma too.

Enjoying the beautiful day with cousins.

Joey may look like a scary biker, but he is such a Grandma's boy!

Afterwards we went back to the house and grilled up some of the biggest hamburgers I have ever seen!

What a perfect Sunday afternoon! Even the drive down was gorgeous. 

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