Monday, August 07, 2017

Shutting Down the Baby Factory

Last month Joey went in for a "procedure". And by procedure I mean vasectomy. We started talking about this last year sometime. People have been asking us since Louie was born if we were going to have more kids. To be honest, we never really seriously considered it. After Louie we never even discussed having a third kid. Part of it was because we had our hands full with two.

For years when people would ask we would say we were 85% sure we were done with kids. We weren't ready to eliminate the option of more. As the years went on, our percentage went up to 99% sure we were done with kids.

For long time I agonized over the decision to call it as a family of four. I went back and forth in my mind until the beginning of this year, when this mega huge decision just didn't seem so huge anymore. In fact it felt logical and just right for us.

Now we have a 12 year old and a 7 year old and neither of us could imagine starting all over again with a newborn. We even asked the girls if they wanted another sibling. They both did not hesitate to say "NO!". We are super #blessed to have two really awesome kids. We have poured our heart and soul into raising them. We got through the diaper stages, the potty training, and even homeschooling. We have seen a glimpse into what the teenage years will hold for us and it's going to be a challenge and Phi will need a lot of our time and attention.

Now in a perfect world I would have loved to have 4 kids all 2 years apart. And I am not going to lie, it would have been cool to have a boy. (Grover!) But the reality is that getting pregnant for us was not easy. It took us a year to get pregnant with Phi and 4 years to get pregnant with Louie. And let's be honest, Joey and I are not super young anymore. We still have many years of parenting ahead of us and being a family of 4 seems just perfect for us.

What I thought would be a really hard and emotional decision turned out to be pretty easy. On the day of the procedure instead of second guessing our decision or regretting it all together, my mind was consumed with worrying about my husbands family jewels going under the knife and any pain he may have to go through.

So now I can say this is us. It's freeing knowing our family is complete and we can focus on making a beautiful future for the 4 of us.

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