Friday, April 22, 2016

But Life is Just a Party, and Parties Weren't Meant 2 Last

Rest In Peace Purple One
Joey could not understand why I was so sad about the passing of Prince. How could I be so upset about someone I had never met before. I couldn't really explain myself but I thought about what he said.

Now maybe it's because I grew up in the 80's and was a teenager in the 90's. Or maybe it was because my Pops was a musician and my Mom loved Rick Dees on KIIS FM. But music was always a constant in our house. Pop music was very much alive and well in the Gomez house. And just like my sister Ouie was drawn to pop stars like Cyndi Lauper and Boy George, I was drawn to stars like Michael Jackson and Prince.

When I listen to Prince songs now (like I have been doing all day!) I am always shocked at how provocative or sexually charged his songs were. I was probably about Louie's age when "Little Red Corvette" was released and I LOVED that song, but I honestly thought it was about an actual car. I had a lot of revelations like that when I listened to all my favorite childhood Prince songs as an teenager. So I can truthfully say that it was the music that made me fall for Prince as a child. Him, his music and his movies were a big part of my childhood and of course it was my childhood that made me the person I am today. Because music was so big for me these musicians feel like they played a significant role in helping me find myself. So even though I never met Prince, or even saw him in concert, the loss hurts.

Over on today I am talking about some of my favorite memories that involve Prince's music. From parties with my friends and family, to my first concert and even falling in love with Joey. You can read all about it by CLICKING HERE.

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