Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Homeschool Week 16: Junk Food and Air Pressure


Language Arts: We continued with blending words and more specifically the short o words. We also looked at rhyming words. Louie has some trouble with this. She wasn't quite understanding that we are listening for the ending sounds to be the same, not the beginning sound.  This was the letter week Louie was waiting for. Every week she asks "Is it X week yet?" I was very happy to tell her YES it's X week. Unfortunately I could not find a band for our rock and roll letter lesson this week. We did a lot of worksheets and Louie made this cute craft. 

Writing: We did a cute writing assignment called "What's in Santa's Sack?" For this activity Louie had to come up with clues as to what is inside Santa's sack....

Of course it's an otter. 
She liked this so much she made 2 different ones.

Social Studies: Another lesson that she had already talked about at girl scouts, the difference between goods and services. We looked at the different services that people in our community provide and we talked about goods that we need. She was very confused as to why a farmer provides a service. I explained how a farmer provides a service by growing food!

Science: This week my work and Lou's lesson collided! We talked about health eating habits and I just happen to work for a dietary consulting firm! We talked a lot about the difference between healthy food and junk food. She also learned how to make a well-balanced meal. Here is one of hers...


Language Arts: Phi read the next 4 chapters in "The Westing Game" and things just got interesting. The millionaire is dead and his will has put 16 residents of Sunset Towers in teams of 2 and given $10,000 and clues. The team who figures out who the murderer is wins the fortune. What we know for sure? One of the 16 is the murderer!! Along with working on her character chart and answering some vocab and comprehension questions, Phi also had to make a newspaper about Mr. Westing and the game...

Math: We continued working on multiplying fractions. She was doing okay with this. Her teacher sent home extra worksheets and Phi did 2 problems from those a day, along with her usual worksheets. Math is still a struggle. She sometimes does great and then sometimes she will completely forget how to multiply 2 digits problems. 

Social Studies: We looked at another explorer this week. John Cabot was another Italian born explorer who jumped on the English exploring bandwagon and even changed his name to sounds more English. He went on one voyage and "discovered" Newfoundland. On his second voyage he went missing and was never heard of again. Phi answered some questions and did a lap book activity with a timeline and interesting facts. 

Science: We moved from the water cycle and are not looking at more specific things that affect weather. This week we looked at air pressure. Along with some reading and worksheet she did an experiment to show how air pressure, or lack of air pressure can crunch a can! 

And we are officially on Christmas break! 


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