Friday, September 11, 2015

The 60th Birthday Bash

My Mom's only request was a pink champagne cake from The Madonna Inn!

The 60th birthday bash was a huge success. Mostly because my sister Cari is an amazing party planner. Thanks to everyone who sat through that 101 traffic to celebrate with us. 

My Mom does everything for us, so we were very excited to have to chance to do something nice for her. 

Mom & Pops with their kiddos

And with ALL the kiddos. In-laws and all. 

A very big thank you to my Beautiful Aunt Angie who brought my Nana and made a huge batch of her famous coleslaw. I am so glad my Mom's sisters were there to celebrate with her. There is no one else in the world she would rather party with.

Next up... Elaine turns 30!

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  1. Wow, cakes are looking well decorated and yummy looking as well. I also had celebrated my father’s birthday at Chicago venues. It was a family party. All loved it and my father was really very happy.


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