Monday, June 22, 2015

The Toothpaste Showdown

Our house has been consumed by Louie and her attitude. Since turning 5 she has entered this phase of freaking the f out over everything. Tantrums are a daily occurrence and most of the time they all start thanks to toothpaste.

Yes toothpaste.

This toothpaste to be exact.
Here is how it all started.

We were grocery shopping and Louie needed toothpaste. As we walked down the toothpaste aisle I showed her all the usual kids options. I tried to push her towards the Doc McStuffins tube but then she saw the Frozen box and begged for it. I told her that it was a mint flavor and she might not like it. She still wanted it. I told her (and this is important) that if she didn't like it she would still have to use it, everyday, twice a day until it ran out. She still wanted it. So I got it.

We all see where this is going right?

From the first time she tried it she hated it. It was too minty It made her mouth too cold. It was too spicy. And since then everytime we ask her to go brush her teeth she gets all Veruca Salt on us.

So the easiest solution would be to just buy her some new toothpaste right?


If I cave and buy her new toothpaste she wins. I lose my power and she gains the upper hand. Then Louie's plan for world domination gets one step closer to being a reality. We are only half way through the tube. 

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