Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Boy Who Lived...

4,224 pages and 2 months later I am finished with the Harry Potter series. I can't believe it took me so long to finally pick up those monstrosity of books and read them. Each book kept me hooked. I don't know how people could stand to wait months or even a year for a new book to come out.

I found myself falling in love with each character and then when some characters meet their demise I found myself heart broken. After book 6 I was in complete denial. I stayed in denial until the end of the 7th book.

I hope Phi picks up the series soon. I know she will love it!

I am even over on HerMamas today gushing about.....


  1. I just read them for the first time last summer! And now I've read them all twice through because they're that good! I don't know how people waiting for each book to release! I couldn't have handled it.

    1. I see myself reading them all again too!


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