Monday, May 18, 2015

Louie the Mini Fashionista

Louie has decided that she wants to pick out her own outfits because, as she puts it...

"I know fashion."

I thought I would document for prosperity a week's worth of outfits. 

Top: Largemouth Bass T Shirt from Bass Pro Shop
Skirt: ruffle denim skirt from Old Navy
Socks: ankle yellow spongebob from Walmart
Shoes: pink croc-like Disney princess shoes from Walmart
Hair by Poppa

 Dress: Pink patchwork dress. Gift from family
Pants: mixed blue cheetah print leggings. hand-me-downs
Hair by Poppa

 Top: Julius and the Band shirt by Paul Frank
Bottoms: purple argyle print leggings from Walmart Halloween 2014 collection
Shoes: light up fuzzy boots by Sketchers
Hat: Bee-do beanie made by Cousin Betty
Hair by Poppa
  Top: Bass Lake pirate shirt. Gift from Tia Picos
Skirt: pink with white daisy ruffle skirt from Target
Shoes: purple crocs. Legit ones.
Belt: purple belt found at the bottom of the closet
Hair by Poppa

Dress: pink with white hearts summer dress from JC Penny's
Top: light grey bass lake souvenir shirt handed down from Phi
Leggings: dark grey with pink and purple guitars. Hand me down from Phi. Gift from Aunt Crissy
Shoes: light up fuzzy boots by Sketchers
Hair by Poppa

I have to say that since then the outfits have progressively got more "interesting". 

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  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    She's clearly destined for greatness. XOXO JVS


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