Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Fling Dance

The girls counted down the days until the big Spring Fling Dance at school. A dance just for the homeschool elementary kids. We had bought our tickets a week earlier. Louie was even invited since she had already registered for next year. They were super excited because it was a Father/Daughter dance. They came home from work on Friday and dressed up in their Easter dresses from the week before. Louie added a big chunky necklace and a tiara, because of course. 

Joey being the non-dancing man that he is was not as excited as the girls but he but on a button up shirt and his good shoes. 

They no doubt had the coolest Poppa there...

I got to tag along...

The dance was in the multi-purpose room and the ASB club at the school did a really great job setting up and making it fun for the elementary kids. Complete with cool lights and a photo booth. They had lots of little dance games like freeze dance and limbo.

Phi LOVES, LOVES , LOVES to  dance. Like her Momma. The minute we got there she found her friends and hit the dance floor. That's where she stayed for the next 2 hours.

Louie on the other hand preferred to visit the snack table. Like her Poppa. She had some cookies and a Jamba Juice.

It took a little bit of convincing but eventually both Louie and Poppa hit the dance floor. They did the hokey-pokey, and even the macarena.

 The girls had such a great time......

...and that's what it's all about!

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