Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Homeschool Week 25: Stamps and Phases

Language Arts: Phi read 5 more chapters in the novel "Holes". The story has got very interesting and is split between the present and the past. This week along with vocab and comprehension questions we looked at similarities between the 2 stories. The project was to make some kind of diorama to show the difference. Phi used her drawing skills and made 2 different scenes.

Math: We finished up Chapter 13 by studying how decimals and money are related.  Phi is still not 100% there when it comes to decimals and fractions. We worked on the chapter review this week and she still has not memorized the steps. She forgets to simplify and is mixing up when to multiply and when to divide.

Social Studies: This chapter was called "Linking East and West" and was all about how communication between California and the rest of the US was forced to evolve quickly. Between 1850 and 1861 the time it took to get a message to someone in California went from 6 months to just a few minutes thanks to the invention of the telegraph. Her project was to make a stamp for the 4 different forms of communication that we studied.

Science: This week was all about Phases of Matter. We looked at the example of water and how it moves from the different phases of matter with adding and taking away heat. This was a simple chapter and a concept that Phi had learned about last year.

Next week is Spring Break and we are going to take a little desert adventure!

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