Monday, December 15, 2014

Long Live Queen Lucy

My niece Angelica always keeps us on our toes. When we think she is going to zig she zags. Angelica is a sophomore in high school and has been in orchestra, the track team and the water polo team. She shocked us all when she not just tried out for the school play, but landed the lead. That's right, the freakin lead.

We all counted down the days until her performance and after we all stopped at the store to buy our star some flowers we headed to my old high school to watch the play. Angelica was playing the part of Lucy in the Narnia adventure of "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe".

I have never read the story, watched the movie or had seen the play so to prepare ourselves I read the book to the girls a month or so ago. So we knew the story line and were beyond excited to see the production.

It was fabulous.

Angelica was freakin astounding.

Us adults were in complete awe in how natural and calm and cool Angelica was. I mean this kid has nerves of steel. The little kids, who already thought Angelica was the coolest person ever, now think she hung the moon.

Angelica continues to make us all so damn proud of her. Kid can do anything. 

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