Monday, November 10, 2014

Dirt Road Diary: Banning - Poppet Flats- Idyllwild

Once the summer hit we had to cut back on off-roading since the heat out in the desert is unbearable. The weather is finally starting to cool off and the itch to get out on some dirt roads was too overwhelming. I swear I don't even know who I am anymore! So on sunday afternoon we got the "crew" together for a short off-road drive in the hills.

A very mellow drive with nothing too crazy. Us, the kids, and the Cruisers are just getting back into the swing of things.

We ended up in Poppet Flats. A very strange, small and secluded area. There was some kind of members-only club and a private area of houses. We drove in and drove right back out.

We headed up the mountain and stopped at Lake Fulmor. We were all amazed that it actually looked like Fall!

The water level had really declined since we were there a few months back.

Lake Fulmor is small and really still and dark. This makes for really great reflection pictures.

While at the lake we noticed that the sun was setting and there was an amazing sunset happening. So we jumped back in the Cruisers and went up a little more to a Vista Point to take it all in. 

After the sun went down we made our way into Idyllwild and ended the day with pizza. An off-road adventure that ends with pizza is pretty perfect.

We are very excited that it's time to start planning some new adventures! 

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