Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt

Sick of Pumpkin Patch Posts yet?

Last Wednesday we spent an hour or so at the pumpkin patch at night. You know to get that "fall" vibe. That same day I read the post "Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt" on the blog 365(ish) Days of Pinterest. She had this super cute print-out for a pumpkin hunt that I hoped my girls would like. After we walked around the patch, climbed the hay bales and posed for pictures in every cut-out background we could find I gave each kid a handout.

They loved this idea and were excited to start.

Off they go. Once they found the biggest pumpkin they started checking off their lists.

Next was a search for the tallest pumpkin. Found it.

After looking through a big pile of little pumpkins Phi and Louie are confident that they found the smallest one.

Next up, the ugliest pumpkin. Yup that one's pretty ugly.

And after some searching they decided that this was the weirdest pumpkin in the patch.

Time to look for the longest stem. They found a few and after comparing them this one was the winner.

Next up gourds. This was easy. There was a whole table of them.

Anywhere you looked there were hay bales.

Corn stalks were a little harder to find but they found them and some corn.

The final search was for the perfect pumpkin and of course this was the hardest one. They looked for a perfectly round and orange and they found it.

The girls loved this activity so much more than I thought they would. It made a short little trip to the pumpkin patch exciting, something they will remember and most likely the start of an annual tradition.

You can download and print the Scavenger Hunt HERE

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