Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homeschool Week 9: Cumbia De Los Muertos

Language Arts: We are just a few short chapters away from finishing "Island of the Blue Dolphins." We worked on the novel study. Phi's school uses the Accelerated Reading website to keep track of books read. I really like this program. The hardest part is finding a book Phi wants to read. This week she asked the youth librarian at our local library for some recommendations and ended up with 2 new book series she is loving! So much that she read one book in one day!

Math: We have moved onto complex multiplication. To make this easier we are learning how to expand out a large number, multiply and add. For example. 7,659 x 3 would become 7000 x 3 + 600 x 3 + 50 x 3 + 9x3. Math was not so hard this week. There was no tears or game systems being taken away this week. That makes it a win!

Social Studies & Science: We are at the end of units for both social studies and science so this week was all about review questions. There was one project for this week and it was all about a cultural tradition. Since it's been on our mind because of the Book of Life movie and all the prep going into the next girl scout meeting Phi picked Dia De Los Muertos. She made a new powtoons presentation and is going to be taking in a few items to share with her class.

Of course I am very proud of this one!

Next week we will finish the book and start new units in science and social studies. Exciting stuff!! 

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  1. Sounds like a great homeschool week! :) I love the Powtoons presentation, well put together and very informative :)


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