Thursday, August 21, 2014

Louie Starts Pre(Home)school

As The Phi starts 4th grade and we are getting school supplies and all organized to homeschool her for the year, Joey and I realized that we had this little 4 year old crazy girl running around who probably should learn how to count to 10 soon.

When The Phi was 3 and a half we had her in preschool. Mostly because at the time she was an only child and we wanted her to figure out how to interact with other kids. Since Louie not only has Phi, but has her all the time thanks to homeschooling, we never saw the need to send Louie to pre-school. If you follow us on social media then you know that Louie is cute and funny, but the kid does not know her alphabet. Joey and I decided that it is time to start working with our wacko.

So Louie has started Pre(Home)school this year. (She starts kindergarten next fall)

This is in no way an actual curriculum. All we did was buy some workbooks and bookmarked some web pages with free preschool printables. We started yesterday while Phi was at school so that we could focus on Louie. We worked on 2 worksheets that were simply tracing a line from left to right and from top to bottom. The entire time she worked she called me teacher. At one point she just got up and walked to the TV to watch some cartoons. She waltzed back in 10 minutes later and when I asked her that that was all about she said...

"I was going to talk in class so I left so I wouldn't talk and get in trouble." 

We looked over her work and she got stickers for her good work. Then later that night she was so excited to show Poppa her work. Then Poppa quizzed her on her right and left and so got them all right. We are going to call Day 1 a complete success. Even though this happened...

Blogging about homeschool Pre-K for Louie. Here is a sneak peek on how it's going. I can't be too upset, she's a Lerma, it's in her blood.

But I have a feeling the novelty of the "Classroom", "teacher" and "homework" will wear off and then we are dealing with this...............

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