Friday, June 20, 2014

Soar into Summer

Every summer it feels like a balancing act with work and keeping the kids entertained. I hear that these little people need sunshine, social interaction and entertainment. As a way to make up for the many hours my kids spend in an office we try to find cool places to take them when time allows. 

Yesterday we left the office a little early to head up the mountain a little to Oak Glen, Ca. Everytime we go there I am amazed that this little piece of forest is 20 minutes away from us! The Wildland Conservancy along with our local library do this program every summer called S.O.A.R (step outside and read). It is the usual story time and little craft project, but out in the great outdoors! 

We have not been to the trails here in awhile and they have really stepped it up with the signs and fencing. I wish they had longer hours during the summer because this would be such a great place to hike after work.

We were the first ones there and we set up with Ms. Nancy and waited for the rest of the kids to arrive.

I know that the day that Phi is not going to want to attend these things is coming soon. I am glad that she still seems to enjoy them now. I also have her enrolled in writing/art class at the library for older kids.

It is pictures like this that really show the age gap between these 2.

Of course I was the mom with the dslr camera, iphone camera and the ion video camera. I was screaming "mom blogger". I am still working on getting use to workig with the Ion camera. Here is some clips from our time with SOAR in Oak Glen. 

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