Friday, June 27, 2014


" like a girl."
".. kick like a girl."
".. throw like a girl." 

I have 2 daughters. I grew up in a family with all sisters. I have never liked the expression " a girl". While at our local Movie in the Park the man running the show used this exact phrase at least 3 times. This man is a pastor at a local church and I am sure did not mean to insult every girl sitting in the crowd, but he did. It has been on my mind for days now.

These terms are all meant to be insults yet are such an okay part of our language. They are meant to say that you doing something wrong, or weakly. This is not meant to be a compliment. 

Then one of my favorite blogs (Girls Gone Child) talked about this very topic and shared this video from Always...

My job is to make sure that my daughters know that "like a girl" means strong and powerful and amazing because my girls are strong and powerful and amazing. 

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